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Diamond Chains

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Retrofit 180° curve conveyor before shrink tunnel with NEW bearing curve.
Goal : Improving workflow and line efficiency.

The retrofitting of an existing  curve conveyor with Rexnord belt and curves results in  :

  • reducing maintenance cost
  • improving line efficiency.



General info

  • 180°  curve conveyor with shrink packs before shrink tunnel
  • speed 35 m/min  -  load of 40 kg/m
  • belt width: 600 mm
  • inside radius belt: 750 mm
  • center drive

Old situation

- Installation of a new belt is needed each year.
- Lubrication of belt is necessary :

  • monthly belt inspection and placing of new oil tubes
  • oil gives marks on endproduct

- Belt is guided in 2 C profiles. It is not possible to remove the belt without pulling out an SS pin. 
- Two technicians are needed.

old-180-conveyor-with-lubrification  old-modular-belt-in-c-guides-with-lubrification-tubes
New situation

- Installation of curve with fixed bearings in an  existing frame.
- No lubrication is needed :

  • Maintenance free 
  • No oil marks on endproducts

- 25% lower electricity consumption resulting in 
- 25% less tension in the belt 
- Longer lifespan of the belt ( expected factor 5)
- Easy cleaning and removing of the belt by one technician without breaking the belt.

installation  new-conveyor

This new curve design allows the highest speed and load charge for curves in the market.
The 1200 belt type allows:

  • a inside radius of 1.2 the width
  • speed till 60 m/min
  • load till 100 kg/m ( width > 600 mm ) 
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